Dove Abitiamo

As a rule we turn away from lodgings that smack of contemporary high-rise. In this case, though, the appartamento is furnished with taste and awareness of human comfort, not to mention the stupendous beach view from kitchen and bedroom doors out onto our balcony. That evening, right across the sidewalk below and onto the sand, such a picnic as this will surely hatch.


Also yonder, some blocks to the east, is a Gelato vendor. Good, good.


Besides efficient, tall, modern  buildings of stucco, such as the one we'll occupy this particular Tuesday night, there is wonderful scenery to be enjoyed. Right out across the sidewalk from this building is the pebble beach, shown above, at sunset.


And turning to the right another 90 degrees we can see the Old Town across the river, almost exactly as pictured here. Last visit here we stayed in a 13th century building up there, one of the many crowding those random, cobblestoned passages. Amazing.


They're Going Again!