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To explain the Wix app's existence

Updated: May 23, 2020

Two doors are out there, that more or less open onto the THEYREGOINGAGAIN.COM website:

  • One is the actual factual online theyregoingagain dot com place, where the blog is seen in as a kind of current-events pocket sewn into the website's garment, seen via your Chrome or Firefox or maybe Safari browser. Wherever you look at it, the blog will show photos and (to my eye as the maker, obviously) artsy animations and dates touching where this all will unfold. Attractive and informative, one hopes. But the point is that you can see everything through that door, all the BLOG entries alongside the website.

  • The second door is the Wix App, which you may have put onto your smartphone or tablet. Whose existence is a little confusing -- why should it even be there, when the website works just fine on your tiny browser? Dunno. But for whatever reason, this App is the only way you can sign in to ask questions or comment. To actually participate and make your views/observations/interpretations/bits of obscure insights known to all ... through that Wix App. I don't understand the programming behind doing things that way, but for my admitted inconvenience, the only way I can add photos and written stuff while we are actually in Europe, is via that same little Wix App on my Samsung S4 tablet. Apparently the vast amount of electronic horsepower required to generate web pages, or modify them or add to them, is more than handheld gadgets can manage.

  • And so the adventure continues, and does so way better with friends along.

I hope these sentences will help. Of course you can send email to me or to Michele, anytime, via the links in that little text-bubble at the bottom of each web-page. And I hope you do receive that as a genuine invitation to connect. But the idea of interacting via this App thingie, at least as I interpret it, is to develop some sort of community. To have questions answered you didn't quite get around to asking, maybe to stimulate other questions in turn.

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