• James Eric Fristad

The AHEM Factor

About announcements from me that new stuff is available to peruse, which I have placed on top of the blog-stack here ... The clever folks at WIX have set up notifications-by-author, which in this instance is moi, so that it always includes instructions to recipients on how to subscribe -- informing you, in other words, how to sign up all over again while suggesting you need to.

Frustrating and pointless stuff because, well, if you're in, you're in (no entendre meant but I will leave the phrasing as is). So I shall try to alter that automated phrasing each time until a solution presents itself to correct that.

On the other hand if you are dying to comment but no helpful text box seems available, maybe a sign-on is needed for you, after all. I know the feedback/comment feature does work (thank you Steve for proving that), which is promising.

Aren't the tiny Canada geese wonderful? I put them here because their tiny web feet are busy underwater propelling their fuzzy little selves around. It encourages me to hope that my less-little, unwebbed feet will do something similar, anon.

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