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New app, new thoughts

Endlessly creative geeks at WIX continue to put out helpful tweaks. Procedures, features, capabilities, ways to increase profitability. Which latter is particularly irrelevant, because this little labor of love has not a particle of profit to it. Neither in its inception nor its semi-weekly progress. So, this is a newly issued mini-program for my tablet (and if I had tinier fingers, for my smartphone) to do blogging. Which today I am trying out. That is the APP part of things.

The THOUGHTS part, has to do with the whole endeavor itself. When, partly, and Where.

Now we are on our way, plan-wise, to the Mediterranean: Spain, South of France, the northern coast of Italy, returning over the bounding main from Rome to Ft Lauderdale. Sprinkled with a few stops of course, to stretch legs on Spanish and Portuguese soil. But what if Covid-19 changes all that? If Europe, much as it would like to be free of the scourge of disease, isn't?

Particularly in the event the cruise season never quite gets off the ground (pier) at all in 2021, what then? Will we simply slough off that part of things and fly both ways -- British Airways to Barcelona, Lufthansa from Rome at the end ... maybe adding a couple of days to roam through Rome at the end. Chortle, guffaw.

Or, in the event the ocean part of things gets its plug pulled by Holland America, do we not take our refund, but leave it with them in exchange for a later cruise plus 25% of what we've spent? Not that any of this will happen, but I want to get some of the pondering/processing underway before the time actually comes. If it does, as I say.

The thing is, we have visited most of the places on the present itinerary, more or less, before. Not exactly the same spots but close enough to regard each as a sentimental re-do. And while sentiment is fine, perfectly acceptable, do we have the leisure to indulge that when other places may call? Dunno.

As many here know about me, I don't do Bucket List stuff. It's meaningless, a sort of hollow notching of one's self-actualization belt. Negligible growth, certainly not much room for civilized introspection (don't you know) in the evening over cocktails, recalling the WOWIE nature of that famous view/edifice/painting. Extra-satisfied, maybe, at having the financial resources to pitch at such calendar page stuff. Meh.

An alternative destination is Amsterdam (cruising from USA at the beginning of the adventure instead homebound at the end), mid-April of 2022. Then across from there to Manchester (UK) and the Lakes District in Cumbria. Where maybe our son and daughter in law and two magic, teenage granddaughters would meet us. Explore together, make memories, hatch visions of rowing on Lake Windermere. Tempting, you see.

Not that any of this Plan B scenario will come about; but the possibility of it is growing,1¹q¹ as weeks pass with no definable progress reestablishing published cruises for this year.

What do you think?

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