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January Doldrums

Updated: Jan 17

December joys and anticipations and times overflowing with bubbling energy have gone their figgy-pudding way by now. Replaced for me, at least, by a mid-January malaise. My energy seems to resist any summons, oftener and more stubbornly than I can remember. Am I simply aging along with everybody else? Or are there social cataclysms erupting that require extra resources for me to handle, which sap my resources in new and ferocious ways? Dunno.

But as an expert in the rigors of denial, I prefer the paranoia-explanation of diminished energy levels — at least when the only alternative seems to be that Eric's body is kinda running down. Ow, ow, ow.

For this moment's actual topic, I have two supporting graphics. This first one is meant to convey a sense of hoped-for idyllic. Which hopeful and sweet mood really was there for me to capture, in Nice, a few short years ago. Music added to match/augment, of course.

It's the kind of thing we would like to recapture before very many months have dissolved around us. It all could begin as early as 67 (!) days from now; or conceivably ~270 days. Or still later. Or not at all.

Norwegian Cruise Line has canceled half its happenings into April of this year. No problem because that isn't us; except that Oceania, our choice of insane cruise-carousing for the first 10 days, is a subset of Norwegian. The other shoe hasn't dropped yet, you see, but there's a sense of unease, of angst, if you will, lurking next to my well laid (obsessive?) plans. And that perforce directs the second graphic for this blog episode:

A pathway into the softly lit sky, it seems to be. Or just out of our view is there a rip-roaring slide down into the lake yonder? From here (metaphoric crux) it could well be either.

My instinct is that, once the insurance folk and lawyers have finished haggling with the cruise industry's bean counters, the transatlantic boat ride twixt Miami and Lisbon, will not happen. But at the same time, I'm guessing that it will be possible to enter and enjoy those few (desperate for tourist Euros) countries. Masks will be welcome, and proof of vax, and readiness to contribute to local economies. It's nice to be wanted, for whatever reason.

So. Do we simply cancel this entire hootenanny and consign our vacation-tent in yonder October clearing, to encamp there some nine months hence? Alternatively, do we just put some of that refunded cruising Dinero into tickets on Lufthansa, to cart us over to Lisbon, quickly and efficiently?

I will keep hopeful that whether it's a peaceful, continuing ascent or insane slipping into refreshing waters, we will clamber out the other side smiling.

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