• James Eric Fristad

Header thoughts

Too much time is available for fussing over details of this website. Changing one feature (finessing seems an optimistic euphemism, in hindsight) always necessitates at least one other adjustment which in turn commands its own troop of variables. So the photo at the header section of the HOME PAGE has morphed from the scene of Sicilian hills to an estate's overlook with lingering statues punctuating the balustrade, to a photo showing an outbound train that we got on last April.

Which illustration (above) I did like, except that the new typeface didn't work very well with it. But this is what that picture looked like: a hilltop mansion and grounds well maintained, in Santa Margherita, free to use during daylight hours. And empty except for one sweet old guy who bicycled to an overlook and wanted to visit with us. In Italian.

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