Nice Ville


Memorable Overnite

Wednesday - Thursday

From the Italian Riviera to the Provence region of France, is too long a journey by land, to complete in a single day. Not, at least, if you want to avoid being punished by the sheer number of hours aboard, rattling along endless rails. And the snack bar has only so many wines for sale.


The part of this city that one imagines, from travelogs, is the promenade anglais — a wide paved walkway stretching along the Nice's wide beaches, for miles. If you study the picture above, you can see walking silhouettes at the lower left corner. That's the promenade.


Besides the wide and populous beaches, however, there is great interest and character to be discovered here. Ruins of a Roman amphitheater and public baths, as well as a fourth century Christian basilica, await your leisure to explore and simply appreciate.

The Musee des Beaux Arts (here is a veiled lass done in finest marble), and post-impressionist paintings as well as a smooching pair by Rodin, also awaits.

Our place, our balcony in Nice-Ville, although probably not our bouquet. I like the ordinary bustle of a pedestrians-only street: it seems a faithful mirror of a neighborhood's rhythm.


This little video just to show the mood being in Nice. another too-brief visit, but easy to make because we were lodging just over the eastern hill in Villefranche-sur-mer. As that few days drew to a close, another short rail hop to this city took us to the airport — bound as it happens for Ireland. But that's another tale for another occasion. But here and now, maybe we can find this same coffee shop again, with the same kvetching barista. Hahaha.

Then by train to seven days


They're Going Again!