They're Going Again!




Embracing nearly half of all  Iberian peninsula beaches on the Atlantic, is Portugal. Grand in expansive dreams and past conquests of empire, this smallish European country remains something of a mystery to us.  Not that it is mysterious, but that we simply know very little about it. And here we will spend a day, walking the streets and riding the trams. Poking our heads into the massive cathedral here, maybe exploring the old hilltop ramparts.


It's hilly in Lisbon, really (rhyme for the nonce) hilly. One wonderful part of that fact, is the proliferation of sturdy and colorful trolleys that ply those hills. Their design seems to vary according to the steepness of the particular line whose tracks they ramble along every few minutes. One can of course simply walk everywhere. Aerobic virtue and all that.


And finally off into the Atlantic, westward at least as far as the island of Madiera and


They're Going Again!