Dove Siamo


Indoors and Nearby

Eternal City Apartment-Life

In and about our Roman indoors....  Starting this lodgings-narative with the sleeping facility seems fairly prosaic, as I think about it. And yet what is found in such a room meant mainly for nighttime repose, speaks of the host. If it were just an ordinary, minimal collection of functional but boring furnishings, that would tell us something of the place's intention. A bed, yes, often perched on its pedestal above bare floors with a spare looking particle-board shelf at hand. Walls punctuated with an inane poster, pulled from hundreds of identical items in a regional superstore. But not so here. Thought has been given to wall art. Pillows are designerly, and upholstery. It makes visible our host's values — as though he has enjoyed crafting this place, but also is glad if we stay here awhile. Excellent.


Then there's the kitchen, where surely we will spend many minutes trying to do imaginative things with the Italian groceries we have accumulated. I am hoping these will accrue in our cotton tote bags, from street vendors at least as much as from any of the easier chain-type markets in walking distance. The idea is to keep the Rome meals experience simple but also as ethnic as we possibly can, within budgetary constraints and linguistic limitations.


Yeah, my pronunciation is improving, but both vocabulary and bravado still lag behind.


An open-air market holds forth, just around our block, six days every week, stimulating thoughts even from this distance.

And here's the neighborhood itself, our apartment right across from the Roma Termini Stazione (the vast building on the right). Our rooms occupy the fifth (European fourth-) piano of the middle high rise. One hopes for a functional lift there.


They're Going Again!