Archaeology not to be missed


The Empúries ruins spread their once-carefully piled up stones in intriguing patterns, close to the Spanish coastline overlooking the Mediterranean. The ruins are about an hour's bus ride from Girona. Definitely it's worth the time and few Euros' cost.


A beautiful spot, at any rate, for a picnic outing today, the excavated site was first inhabited (by civilized folk as we would term them) in the mid-sixth century B.C. Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans ... all brought unique influences and left their peculiar remains to be studied by archaeologists.


Not far across town from our apartment is this venerable church, Saint Peter's (but written in Spanish) which has been turned into a museum. Its trove of artifacts and insights interweave with the ruins pictured above.


In addition to the repurposed ecclesiastical structure's instructive links to the archaeological dig pictured above, the place presents a remarkably well-preserved example of 11th C. church architecture. This one shows no sign of fundamental alterations to its original Romanesque design.


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