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A chance to orient ourselves to the Lisbon environs, shortly after debarkation at the cruise port

First Full Day

Tour of Lisbon, Sintra,

We will then continue up the mountainside to behold the 19th century extravaganza of King Ferdinand — the Pena Palace (above), known for its whimsical design and sweeping views. We will continue our ascent by tram and go inside to hear the story of this superb site.  After absorbing the history of this curious structure we will descend to the Portuguese coast to explore the small historical center of Cascais, where the fishing traditions of Portugal still thrive. Thence we will proceed along the coast, past the beautiful beaches of Estoril, and so back to the city of Lisbon.

Goals of the day. An overview of the highlights of Portugal's capital, Lisbon, followed by stops at a royal residence, then views of Portugal's incredible coastline — with historical anecdotes all along the way. Spain Day Tours will pick us up for this wide ranging day-trip directly from the cruise port. First stop will be the World Heritage Site of Sintra, a resort town in the foothills of the Sintra Mountains. A longtime royal haven, its forested terrain is studded with pastel-colored villas and palaces. We'll stop at the uniquely designed Sintra National Palace, distinguished by dramatic twin chimneys and elaborate tile-work. 

and Estoril Coast


with Spain Day Tours

Generations of Portuguese adventurers departed from the area of Belem, which we will visit next. Returning with wealth enough to build the astonishing Jeronimos Monastery and the nearby Tower of Belem, these explorers also brought back new concepts of diverse cultures. From viewing all these historic structures, we will continue to the Discoveries Monument, erected in honor of Portugal’s past heroes. Over the course of this very full day, we will touch many of Portugal's cultural markers. At each site we'll have some time (five to 45 minutes depending on the site and conditions on the day of travel) to walk around and compose our own photo memories.


Obidos means a two-hour train-ride, which we board at the rail station (pictured) a short walk from our apartment. Partly the attraction lies in a scenic castle (also pictured below) and its surrounding village; but a powerful inducement to spend this long tiring day on this tracks-trek, is the views we will have of the rural countryside and smaller towns along the way.

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